Chicken And Ham Terrine

This is a lovely terrine which is great for lunch served with fresh crusty bread and a nice chutney like Branston Pickle.
1 #16 Chicken
200gms Pork Back Fat
150gms Ham
250gms Pork Fillet
600ml Thickened Cream
100ml Brandy
1 Egg
To make the terrine-
2 Tablespoons each of Parsley,Chives and Tarragon ,chopped
20 Slices of fat bacon.
2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter
2 Spring Onions,washed,dried and finely chopped.
250gms Cooked Ham.

Wash the chicken under a cold tap and pat dry on a clean tea towel.joint the chicken and remove the flesh from all the bones,set the breast fillets aside in the fridge for later use.
Thinly slice enough back fat to line a 28x16x16 terrine dish,cut all the meats and the leftover back fat into
very thin strips and run through a mincer twice,together with the meat from the chicken including the legs.
Now put the minced mixture in a bowl and work with a spatula,stir in the cream,egg and brandy,add 2 teaspoons of salt per kg of meat and season with black pepper-fresh ground is best.
Set the mixture aside in the refrigerator.
Meanwhile heat the butter in a saucepan and saute the spring onion for 3 minutes,let the mix cool then add the chopped herbs,slice the breast fillets and roll in the onion and herb butter mix.
Set aside.
Set the oven to 200°C/gas 6. Line the terrine mould with the sliced streaky bacon. Spread half the farce over the bottom of the terrine, then make a layer of sliced chicken breast, then sliced ham. Continue to layer the ham, farce and chicken mix, until it is all used up, and then top with the remaining bacon..
 Place the terrine in a roasting pan and pour in enough hot water to come three quarters up the side of the terrine. Cook for 1 hour.
 Remove from the oven and place a board and a weight of about 500g on the terrine to compress it gently until it has cooled completely.
Serve with bread and pickles.


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